Sunday, August 29, 2021

School has started back in some areas. Colorado is one of them. Our grandchildren are glad to be back to school with friends. Julia is going for the first time. She is in kindergarten and although she is not at all shy with adults, she is with other children. She is however doing fine. Their mom and dad are happy about their teachers and we are looking forwrd to a good year. Caleb has one problem. He has to make choices because he can't do everything. But that is pretty much what he would like. He has complained that he hasn't learned anything yet...He has been such a good student even on his own time that he is pratty far advanced beyond his grede. Of course he wants to do all the sports as well. So far he is running cross country and plans to play soccor. If you read on the second layout here, you will see that John and Beth either walk or bike with them to school (one mile each way) daily. Let's pray for all those returning to school, that this will be a safe and profitable year.

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