Sunday, September 30, 2018

80's Disco

Chelle and Greg went to retirement party for a lady at  church. They were to dress like it was their high school prom. They graduated in the 80's. I think she surely did get the hairstyle right.  

Unfortunately, life it not one big party. Chelle has experienced  quite a bit of bad luck since that party. There has been sickness in the family, water damage, overload while taking up the chores generally shared by her hubby while he handles two full time jobs for a while and now something that we should all take seriously and have a clear head for... the possibility of jury duty. Life goes on whether we are ready or not. 

This makes me sorry that  I can not live close to my children, so that  I could help in a physical way when times  get rough.

Itmakes me think of the great old hymn, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.  Thank you God for your guidance, your strength, your mercy. Help us do what we need to do.

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