Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Back in July

Back in July, Ashley was  at  our house with her family. She was awaiting a wig to be delivered for her upcoming cosplay in Illinois. When it hadn't come the day before they had to leave here, they contacted the company who sold it to her. The sellers had the perfect solution and it worked out well. They sent it directly to Illinois and she was able to pick it up there. Her character, Taiga Aisaka, would not have worked out so well without that wig. Ashley looked great as you can see here. She looks really good as a blond.

Evidently the lighting was tricky at the hotel. The yellow in the blond shows up well in her picture with her sitting. However, out in the hall, it was lighter, less yellow. I'm not sure which was correct; however, I liked the more yellow one better and tried  to make it that way in the other two pictures... to no avail. Don't know why. Photoshop is generally really good at that, but  I failed to improve the color on these today.

I had forgotten how complicated it really got.  So this is the full account Ashley's mother, Chelle told me. "Well that was not at all the solution. We paid extra for the post office to stop mail and mail it to Illinois but then we were still tracking it and saw that it was at an Akron post office while we were on our way out of town. We went to two post offices, first the distribution center and they told us to go to another. They were really helpful though and wrote down the post office identification number and directions how to get there because the street that you would normally take was closed. Greg somehow talked them into getting the package for us!  So Ashley tried to style it on the road to Chicago."

But it did end with her having it.  

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