Saturday, December 22, 2018

Varsity Drive In

Our grandson, Mason is in three choirs, The Mustangs, Paragon and a mixed boy/girl choir. In late October of this year, all those choirs went to Atlanta  to perform in a concert. They had some fun on that  long weekend trip. Two of the places they visited are shown on this layout. Six Flags and a special drive in called The Varsity. After I read about it, I wondered why I hadn't already heard.

The Varsity in downtown Atlanta is the original, world famous location. There are others around the country. This enormous restaurant sits on 2 city blocks and can accommodate 800 diners inside. Opened in 1928, this store quickly gained the reputation of being "the world's largest drive in".

Guess we just missed it when we were there. It is hard to believe since there are 7 locations in the Atlanta Athens area.

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