Friday, October 25, 2019

Play Soccer or Ski

Soccer season has been over long before I got around to making this layout of Caleb in one of his soccer games. I did that today. 

It is sad for me that  I live too far away to go to his  games and cheer on the team; but evidently his team does just fine without me there. I enjoy the pictures, showing some of his great moves, from the comfort of my own home far away from the action, thanks to his mom's and dad's skill with iPhones and cameras.

While Colorado is a great place to play soccer, it is also a great place to ski. And it looks like it will be another super year for that. If the weather forecast comes true (I hope it is right there more often than it is here) it will snow four days in a row next week and the temperature will not rise above 30 degrees. Shouldn't be too long until ski season is there in Aspen. 

I do believe  Caleb enjoys skiing even more than soccer.  I guess  I should ask about that. It may not be true. (I have been known to be wrong a time or two.) HA!

Keep up the good work Caleb. Enjoy your sports all year long.

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