Friday, April 3, 2020

Love Forgives

Izzy the cat has been called the problem child  by her 'mother', our daughter, Chelle.  Here she is with her 'brother' Mason.  You may not be able to read on the layout. It says  "Izzy doesn't like closed doors. She will scratch at a door until someone opens it. But when she is on the other side, she scratches at it until it is open again."

This picture was taken back on January the 19th, but that habit has not changed.  I imagine it has grown worse since the family is there with her 'all the time' in this pandemic. She is an inside cat, making life harder.  But you know, she is ok. She is loved. Love forgives, so she is  safe.

We are nearing the Easter weekend soon and we should celebrate this year knowing that God loves us and forgives us once we ask.  We most likely will not be able to meet together in our church buildings to celebrate Easter, the death and resurrection of out savior; but we can take communion in our homes instead and be thankful that God sent his only son to suffer,  die and arise so that our sins can be forgiven and we can live with him in heaven for eternity.  

There should be no one in a rush this year. We have time to sit and really take in the meaning of all this. Think about it.

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