Saturday, August 1, 2020

For those of you who find the print on the page too small. I am copying the text for  you here:

We are living through a Pandemic. We love the fact that our friends are making masks for us to wear. We don't have as many chances now to have fun, but we still like to laugh, so when we first put on the cool masks that Chelle made for us, we loved them. They are the best ones we've worn so far and we've had some really nice ones. These fit well and are very comfortable. Now, it is time to laugh...the last picture shows my silliness well. OK,  come on! Laugh!

Masks are THE THING these days. I could offer a style show of masks. They are everywhere one goes. The stores are full of displays, and they are even providing paper ones free in many places, like restaurants.  I still prefer the ones you see here. However Ron does better with paper ones. He uses them more frequently, since he just can't stay home long without running out for some reason. I would be washing his 12 hours a day, so he uses paper ones most of the time.

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