Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Depot

Naturally four women on the way to Florida couldn't get all their luggage in the car, especially since we were taking a husband's computer, etc. and a dog in a cage. We fastened a luggage box on top of the car for the extra baggage. About half way through Ohio, we were hearing strange noises coming from the roof. The wind was strong. We finally realized the box was not secure. We stopped at a filling station and bought duct tape. Remember, we are women. Sounded like a good idea. We strapped that baby down well...used the whole roll of tape, and went on our way. I'd say we got about 120 miles and there it was again, noise from up there!
But it wasn't too bad and we continued on our merry, gabbing way. Soon people started passing us and pointing frantically to our rooftop . Okay we can take a hint, especially after seeing about 20 fingers or so. We looked for a Home Depot. That is where we could get anything we needed to strap this baby down. When we got there, we discovered about 3 inches of duct tape still clinging (but barely) to the luggage rack. Evidently, all the rest was left behind on the highway and perhaps vehicles somewhere.

We went inside like troopers, found the strap we needed and even thought to borrow a ladder so that we could fix the problem. Soon it was apparent that we were not doing so well and when an alert clerk finished with his customer, he came out to rescue us. He climbed up on that ladder and had us all fixed up and ready to go in no time.

Of course since everything is a scrapbooking opportunity for me, I photographed the whole thing. (Also gets me out of working.) Walt cooperated and here is the layout I've done of him and the girls. I hope Home Depot gives him a raise. He sure served us well.

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