Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Ride

We often take friends for a ride in the boat in the evening. It is an opportunity to share with others the wonder of the lakes as they cool and the sun lowers in the sky. We don't plan many boat rides in advance because we just haven't figured out yet what the weather will be. Guess we just don't have Al Gore's insight. So we have become very last minute.

My friend Sali's daughter and son in law are here from Wales. When we called her on Saturday night, we were just hoping they would be able to go. They were here within an hour, and the trip was delightful. I took these pictures of the dimishing sunset over Turkeyfoot Lake.

I miss that view so much. Our 'new' house (which is actually 30 years older than our last house)
does not have a clear view of the sunset.

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