Monday, November 24, 2014

Harry London Chocolates, Or Is That Fanny Farmer?

Harry London Chocolate factory has seen me a couple of times...well actually only once...oh you be the judge. We went there when John was young for a factory tour. I  never did seek out that brand of chocolate, mostly because I never was drawn to chocolate at all, and when I reached 50 and decided I liked it a little bit, all I wanted was Godiva, which I still like in moderation.  However that spread to other things like Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream and now even Klondike bars with dark chocolate. I have to admit, it is really the ice cream I like the most...okay how did I get here?

I'm trying to say, we made our second visit to the chocolate factory and it is now Fanny Farmer. She bought Harry out a few years ago. Not being a big fan, I didn't know until we decided to take Caleb there last month. It was still a good tour, informative and we all enjoyed it.

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