Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Policeman

If you've followed the blog, you may remember that Caleb met a policeman the day we all went to Pike's Peak this spring. He was impressed quite a bit.  And now he has a police uniform. He donned it for Fort Collins' celebration of Halloween downtown called Tiny Tots. It was from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM. a good time for parents with young ones to head  downtown and gather up treats from local businesses.  Later that evening, he say out front with candy for those who came by their house to treats.  It was a fun filled day for him and his little brother Oliver who dressed up as an owl. That was a 'hoot'.

Now, this is the way I remember Halloween, except for the daylight hours. We did go out after dark, with a parent, with one left behind to hand out treats.  We went to neighbors homes. We knew them all back then and didn't worry about what they might put in our candy.  We even ate homemade cookies and popcorn balls without any worry. No one got hurt, unless they stumbled over their costume and fell off a step. It was a safe activity that we could look forward to from year to year. 

There were no eerie people to set out scary displays that would make ones skin least not in our neighborhood. Today, less than a mile from here live people who, I believe, live for Halloween.
Every year, their yard looks like a graveyard come to life. It is pretty disgusting and it makes me shiver every time I have to pass it.

Okay, that is my opinion and I'm glad I'm free to state it.

Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams.

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