Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Post

I may be getting more Halloween pictures from the triplets, but these are the ones taken at the Fall Festival at their church.  I think both Mason and Ashley are dressed as a computer game persona. Aussie is a Rubik's Cube.  

They had a great time at the festival, which was much larger than it had been in the past.   Besides all the activities and treat, everyone got a free pumpkin. 

I have  some cute pictures of Caleb as well, but haven't made layouts. Perhaps I'll get a chance tomorrow. It is National Scrapbooking Day.  I'm hoping to get more layouts done than I usually do on that day.

I hope everyone who cares about this country and loves God will vote  this coming Tuesday. It is even more important than in the past. Our nation's survival depends on the way we pitch our tent. If we continue to run from God  further into worldliness, we will quickly go from a democracy to  socialism and communism.  Out present administration has already pushed us toward that goal.


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