Friday, October 10, 2014

El Fogon

I missed one night and then another...and then another. Soon it had become easy for me to go to bed without posting on the blog. I'm not sure it mattered to anyone. It didn't bother me at first, but when I noticed today that I hadn't blogged since the last day of September,  I  was a little shocked.  Time goes by so quickly now.

So here I am...and I'm trying to get this posted before midnight...somewhere.  

John, Beth, Caleb and Oliver have been here for a short time. I took LOTS of pictures and so did John and Beth. I don't have any excuse  for not making layouts. Seriously, I want to give up everything else...especially work, labor, toil, cooking, cleaning...just to work on my books. 

I made this one layout...and only this one, so far, of the boys this trip.  You are seeing this one, just because I couldn't help but get ahead of myself. These boys are soooooo cute. We took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Fogon. We do love the food, but my main intent in going to lunch that day was to photograph the boys with the interesting furniture that adorns their entrance way by the fireplace. It worked well and we all thoroughly enjoyed our food as well.  

It was not our first outing of the day. We were following a trip to the Harry London, Fanny Farmer candy factory near us. I have wonderful pictures taken there as well.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with pictures that were taken during summer that I've not finished.

The election is coming up. Please study and get out there and vote. We need every single vote we can get to counter all the counterfeit votes we are getting from the other side of the fence...graveyard votes and people bussed from one precinct to another, voting over and over and over again.  Sometimes I think there is no way we can get our country back. Then I think about God's promise  to heal our land if we turn from our wicked ways.  There will always be wicked people...Satan will see to that, but we do have a larger number, than the libs like to think, who believe in our God and seek to follow him.

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