Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bear Bottoms

This past spring when we were in Colorado, John and Caleb wound up around the mountain  to Pike's Peak with us, while Beth stayed home with Oliver who was running a fever.  We found some matching pajamas that I couldn't resist for the boys while we were in the thin air (Where  our brains were impaired) at the top. But I'm glad they have them even now that I'm thinking clearly again, if only for these pictures, which I dearly love.

Recently, I've been receiving in my email encouragements to pray. On the 21st, it was so endearing to me that I'm passing it on to you word for word. You even get a link so that you can sign on for prayer.
I hope it blesses you as much as it has me. Weekday Email

 Today's MP3When my eldest daughter was 13, she flubbed her piano piece at a recital. The silence in the auditorium was broken only by the pounding of her parents’ hearts. She hurried off the stage, threw her arms around me and buried her face in my shirt. “Oh, Daddy.” That was enough for me. At that moment I’d have given her the moon. All she said was, “Oh Daddy!”
Prayer starts here. Prayer begins with an honest, heartfelt, “Oh Daddy!” Jesus invites us to approach God the way a child approaches his or her daddy.
Here’s my prayer challenge to you! Sign on for a simple prayer. Then every day for 4 weeks, pray 4 minutes—it’ll change your life forever!
Before Amen

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  1. Too cute. I missed this one. I read from my phone. It is inconvenient to go to the site and login and do the verification code to post. I have responded directly to your email though. Have you received any of those? I'll try again.