Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We scrap bookers don't generally like dark pictures, but what other kind can one get at a campfire?

This is the time of year for roasting foods, and marshmallows (can be thought of as food)  outdoors over a glowing fire. The nights have cooled. We can wear light jackets and enjoy the heat from the fire. Of course a big favorite is S'mores. And it looks as if Oliver is having himself a graham cracker. Whether he went all the way to the sticky gooey side and had a s'more, I'm not sure, but I'd wager that will have to wait a while. No matter what, he looks quite pleased.

We were blessed recently to go to a bonfire at a friend's home who tries to host one annually.  This year, she is taking chemo treatments for cancer. We weren't expecting the party, but were thrilled when we were invited.  Happy to not miss our outing, but more than that, exilerated that she felt well enough to go through with it.  When we arrived, she showed up with her would be bare head adorned with a lovely scarf. She was beautiful, hair or not.

I'm sending out a shout to all those who find themselves suffering through breast cancer and those who have traveled that path. May God give you all many more years to serve him and others while you are here on this lovely planet.

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