Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lehman's Hardware

When the 'kids' were here in October, we decided  to go with them as far as Amish country when they left to visit with Beth's family in the Columbus area. We stopped at Lehman's Hardware and it has grown a LOT since we were there last. I took lots of pictures inside, but only this one of Caleb outside.

The other picture of Caleb was taken inside by the fireplace.  No, it was not cold, but, if you are trying to sell fireplaces, you have to have a fire, if you are going to do things right.

I added the picture of the backs of Amish hats from the internet. That was an interesting shot. Wish I had noticed who took it, so I could give him or her credit. It was supposedly taken at Leiman's.

I added also the descriptions of Lehman's that  I found online. It is very interesting and well written, something I thought would add some interest to anyone who sees this layout years  from now.

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