Thursday, December 7, 2017

Havanese Tom Boy

This little Havanese has us trained well. While we have taught her a whole new vocabulary, she has taught us to watch her. We know if she gets our attention and then runs to the door, she needs to go outside... right away. No messing around! If she just wants to go out, she will say two syllables that sound something like wan now.  On occasion, she knows she is not allowed outside, so she does the same thing, but runs to the courtyard instead. Yes, that is outside as well, but it is a confined area where she can go even if we don't have time to watch her. She prefers to be free, but if she has to go badly enough, she will accept that option.

As you probably have heard before, even though I call her my princess movie star dog, she is her Dad's Tom boy.

Above is a picture of her wearing her winter coat. She has been growing it since about August, so she shouldn't get cold this winter, no matter how much snow she helps her dad plow.

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