Saturday, December 16, 2017

Old Friends

It's good to meet up with old friends. It is sad that it has to be at a funeral. At our age, though,  funerals are frequent. This week marked the passing of two friends.  We are happy to know that both will be in heaven with our Lord forever. Surely our paths will cross up there.

This layout is of Ron and an old friend whom he hadn't seen in decades. It was Don's brother in law who had passed. Don and his wife, Cheryl, had come in from Texas, where they had moved in the 80's. I wish I had gotten my picture with her, but we were really interested in seeing Ron and Don together because many people had thought that they looked a lot a like in those days.

I think it is not so much these days, but it was interesting to see both have that snow white hair and a beard.

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