Sunday, December 3, 2017

Super Moon

It is a beautiful night here at the lakes. It is 41 degrees, but no wind.  I went out in a sweater to get this picture of the super moon. Because  I was a little cool, I didn't take time to set my phone for a good photo. Instead, I just grabbed a shot. It flashed, which really didn't help at all. The picture is grainy and not at all good quality, but for some reason I like it...enough to make a layout. So here it is online and who knows how really long it will stay there in 'the cloud' for everyone to see what the old fashioned phones of 2017 did. At least in years to come, I hope they know this is the moon. Oh, I forget, I've told them it is the moon. And if they can decipher English by then, they will know.

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