Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bag Lady

It is for group pictures like the one above that I must travel with a tripod. This time it caused me trouble. Since space was limited in the car on the way down, I packed a weekender and carried a makeup bag, my camera case and tripod separately. Then the night before we were to fly back I found out I had to pay for each bag I checked. Of course I had bought a few things while away and I had all that photography paraphernalia. It was too late to find another travel bag of any kind. I had to cram the tripod catty cornered into that small suitcase.

You should have seen me get on the plane with a very large plastic Eddy Bauer shopping bag knotted at the top and full of clothes. I still had to check two bags while wearing my camera like a necklace and looking like a bag lady. Now that is the picture I need!

In the layout above Teresa sits on her front porch wearing her tiara. She just doesn't want to take it off. It's more fun in that pretend world we have created.

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