Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sea Wall

I was in sunny Florida with my girlfriends from ORU just having a great time...and poor Ron was left at home. Poor thing. Everything may have turned out all right, but he took on a big, big job while I was gone...not that I could have helped any. He and our 'can do it all' neighbor decided it was time to cut the very large oak tree that leaned over the boat house. Now this was not my idea. I'm pretty funny about trees. I'm not a tree hugger, but I do appreciate them. They are beautiful and provide shade and oxygen. My husband, however, had 13 of ours cut before we moved into the house. He will also have a tree trimmed until it looks like a telephone pole. Ugh. Anyway, the two of them managed to bring down the tree without it smashing the boat house. However, it fell on the sea wall and pretty much destroyed it. You can see the tree they chopped down in a picture taken last fall on your right. The one that stands between it and the house looks suspiciously like it was also trimmed (hacked).

Now the big bad thing about this can not be repaired until October; when they lower the water in the lake so that people can fix their sea walls and docks. It looks pretty bad and I'm a little worried that the land might erode into the lake, since heavy rains come in from the west. Please pray that it doesn't and that we can do a new sea wall that looks good. Anyone have some old barn stone they are dying to get rid of? (Okay English teachers. I know the rule. I also taught But how would you say that without ending in a preposition. Yes, I know, and it sounds stuffy to me. )

If you are still reading, have a nice day and may your trees remain standing.

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  1. Ha! I didn't know this about Dad. (The Tree-Hacker)

    By the way, I don't think that this sounds stuffy...
    Anyone dying to get rid of some old barn stone?

    Also, I just read somewhere that the rules are changing and it is completely acceptable to end a sentence in a preposition. I'm sure it was someone in the south who came up with this rule.