Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

One thing about having six kids is, generally any major holiday someone is here to celebrate with us. The drawback is trying to get everyone here at the same time.

Mother's Day is pretty cool with many calls from around the country.

Since my own mother and mother-in-law passed away within a short time of each other in '98, I no longer prepare for this special day; but my kids are great to remember me and I am thankful. They are a great bunch... good citizens, independent and thoughtful. I'm a proud mom.

This is a layout I made today of the greeting I got from our 6 year old grandchildren...with some major help from our daughter Chelle and her husband Greg. Thank you all. Love, Mom

P.S. The 'writing' by Aussie is his name in Chinese. I made the mistake of teasing my daughter and son-in-law when Chelle was pregnant with triplets that since one in every three children born in the world is Chinese, one of the triplets would be Chinese. Aussie has decided it is he. He goes each weekend to Chinese school where he is learning to speak and write the language.

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  1. It's true. He is my little Chinese boy! He says he wants to study Chinese for the rest of his life!

    What a cute layout. I half expected you to plant yourself up on that ball.