Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Boat and A Birthday

Last week we celebrated the birthdays of three of our good friends. No, they were not all the same day... but they are in July. We rushed Robin a little. Hers is not until July 30. The boat ride was a treat. However the cards we all gave them could not be classified that way. We have to grow 'tough hides' because some greetings are a little stingy. But we all have a good time and take our shots when it's our time to buy cards. I know a few girls who shop for just the right cards all year long. Yes, we get some 'doosies'. And we laugh...a good way to live, joy in misery. LOL

This page is of Robin and Mark. I'm working on two more pages. One for the other two birthday girls and one of the rest of our life group. They should be coming up shortly.

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