Monday, July 6, 2009

Computer Dependent

This evening I had a meltdown. My laptop was giving me so much trouble that I just grabbed my purse and left the house. If there weren't so many wires tying that thing to my station, it would be deep in the lake by now.

I would have asked my sweet hubby to help, but he is stuck with a lot already. A man's business is depending on him to get them back up and running.

I can't believe a computer illiterate like me is so computer dependent! Nothing was working right on my laptop. Remember I'm stuck with it until we can get a new desktop. There are/were shortcuts to programs, files...all sorts of things on my desktop that are not on my 'pretend' computer. It is maddening. I can't get ACDSEE to work on this one...well, it does sometimes...but that just isn't enough for picky little me. I want it to work ALL THE TIME. I couldn't figure out how to upload my 257 fireworks pictures to the computer, let alone Flickr. I couldn't even see how to search my computer. Yahoo had sneaked in on me and put their tool bar up in place of my google page that I like so well. And worst of all was my email . Even though I received all my mail, everything went into my in box and nothing into my junk mail. So I had to wade through almost endless trash to read my mail. And I couldn't send any mail for days.

Anyway, after I was gone a couple of hours, I got a call on my cell phone, with the almost depleted battery, from my husband. He wondered where I was. I had already left Dairy Queen, so I didn't have to tell him I had been eating ice cream to drown my troubles. I'm sure he could tell. I probably put on 5 pounds. Anyway, he did feel sorry for me after being mad at me for 'running away'. He fixed all the problems and is back to work for his client. Now, should I actually use Photoshop and risk running into more messes? Or should I go back to the typewriter and 'cut and paste' scrapbooking?

How could we ever go back? Where would we get our information? Would we have to relearn how to wait for the morning newspaper, or a year for the new edition of the encyclopedia? What about live radar on Wunderground? I guess we will find out if we don't get another president and if our congressmen don't start reading bills before they vote on them. Encourage your representative to READ BEFORE VOTING.

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