Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cotton Patch

The triplets and I visit our first cotton field. They enjoyed the novelty.

I appreciate that someone in this country still knows how to grow cotton, since we now get ours from Egypt. They tout that stuff for being so very good. I wonder why towels made from it do not absorb as well as our towels in the past. It isn't the fabric softener, because we've always used that.

Who would have ever guessed that we would give away our country to others who are willing to work for a less? Our unions and taxes have driven companies overseas to get resources and labor that we could very well provide here if we were not too good to work for a living, if we didn't demand so much for so little.

So as this extreme recession and terrible inflation hits, we can reflect back and know exactly why this has happened. Our people did not follow after Christ who said that man should work honestly for a living. Too many are looking for a way out, for someone or something to take care of them. They grabbed for the Utopian promises of the recent administration and look what has happened. It is time for a REAL CHANGE...a good change this time. Stand up and be counted.

This is a Christian nation. And Christians have nothing to fear, for God is with them.

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