Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kiki and the Flashlight

This was a story I really wanted to tell, but really had no pictures to depict it.
Kiki has not really liked anyone coming into her home besides her family. I was there the night they found her, a scared little kitten, all alone in the middle of the road. But of course she doesn't remember that because I left that weekend. Whenever I've gone back, she has hissed and clawed at me. This time, however, we sort of made up. I say 'sort of'' because it was more like she began to tolerate me. She didn't seem to relax while I was around. But when Ashley got out the flashlight ,which Kiki had not yet discovered, the cat went crazy, running from room to room, jumping and twisting in the air in an attempt to catch that light. I took lots of pictures, but I just wasn't fast enough and the lighting was dim. But here you go...the best I could do.

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