Sunday, November 22, 2009

Makin' Up Crap

This layout was requested by one of our primary members...Paulette. The reason we would make ourselves so vulnerable, by doing this and even acting it out for the camera, is because our fine reputations prove that this is just a joke. We take seriously our station in life which is to be examples of perfection to all who might meet with ORU. (Tongue in cheek here.) Seriously, the reason for this post... When we have been together all day or ever for days and talk and talk and talk, one would think we would run out of anything to say. No! Maybe what we are saying after so many hours is no longer extremely important to saving the world, but it is all meaningful to us. The term in our title came from the mouth of our astounded sister (Sali) when she just couldn't believe something one of us had said. "Are you just makin' up crap?" burst from her mouth. It amused us so that we use it frequently to mean,'really?'

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