Monday, January 18, 2010


This is the non-TV watcher reporting in after sitting through three hours of 24.

Yes, American Idol and 24 are back . That means I have to carve out a few hours a week to immerse myself in TVdom. I can't just watch normally like a regular TV viewer, I have to plant my eyes on that screen. I can't miss a note or a word. Don't call me while I'm attending to this business! Of course, since you have no idea when I'll tear myself away from this computer and head to the TV room, perhaps you should never call. Woops. That is not good advice. I do want to hear from you; but don't be surprised if when you call, you catch me at the wrong time and I have trouble coming back to the real world. You know how some people live their lives through their children? Well Ron and I live ours through Jack Bauer. After all, if something happens to Jack, one of us may have to take over and we don't want to come up short. My hubby even looks forward to that day when he can jump in and help.

Since I haven't made a layout today, I've given you one I made in December. Poor Chipper did not get a present on Christmas day. I forgot until the last minute and when I went out on Christmas Eve, I couldn't get through the hordes of men shopping. So I gave up and went home with nothing... not even catnip, to finish Christmas preparations.

I felt sorry for the poor cat for a few minutes when we opened our presents, but she 'licked her wounds' and found a present for herself. The following Sunday night, my friend Kay gave her a fish on the end of a fishing pole. Chipper has insisted I play with her every afternoon since then. Her celebration is lasting longer than all the rest of us. Thank you Kay.

All of you in Massachusetts, get out and vote for Scott Brown early. I don't want to be unnerved all evening waiting for votes to come in for him. Send a message to Washington. We don't want your cruel version of health care.

Thanks to Chelle, who left an opinion here and gave me some constructive criticism. She taught me that unlike what I believed, the picture could be drug by mouse to any spot on the blog entry that I want it. It makes a lot more sense now than it did when she first read it. Thanks again.

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  1. At first, after reading your first sentence I thought Chipper was writing this email.