Sunday, January 3, 2010


Proud of myself I stood by the table, ready for Christmas Day...well almost, the stemware had been forgotten. I had worked for days and I was in good shape ( every extra pound of me) for welcoming family. I didn't even bother Ron. Didn't tear him away from the TV...just set up the tripod and snapped away. Early on Christmas morning, with a desire for a couples shot, knowing that once everyone arrived we would neglect that and having the tripod ready, I summoned Ron into the room and set the timer. Remember, I had just taken a picture of myself the night before without any trouble. However, that was not to occur again. It took me 5 clicks to get it right. The timer was not working in the way to which I was accustomed. The camera had all of a sudden developed a faulty brain and decided to jerk us around a little bit. Anyway, the last picture is the desired result...Finally....Lou Ann & Ron...Peace, Love and spite of a goofy timer.

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