Saturday, January 2, 2010

Failure at Command Site

Woops! Sorry if I kept anyone up in anticipation. I went to sleep on the job, so to speak. I gave up and went to bed at 1:19 after trying to reproduce the layout that I had failed to deliver on the first.

Work had gone well on the page (although it was very tedious) after I finally got to the computer about 10:40 PM. I was very happy with it and about to publish, when I did something wrong...still haven't ascertained what...and it disappeared. Generally I SAVE often while working, but was in a hurry and had neglected all but the two photos. It was REALLY GONE. All that work blown out from under me. What a disappointment. But then since that is the worst thing that happened to me yesterday, I think I'll live through it...or at least I have so far. I won't promise anything now... learned that lesson, but I expect to redo it and publish sometime today.

In hind sight, I should have blogged about something else instead and used one of the 25 pages that I published in my last book (December 29) that have never appeared here. Sorry troops.

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