Sunday, November 26, 2017

Back Up Plan

When our sweet daughter, April, called us near midnight the night before Thanksgiving to tell us she was sick and that we shouldn't take the chance of getting it, we decided to not travel those 5 hours to see her. She called us the next morning  to say she was feeling better. Ron told her we wouldn't go, knowing it would throw her 'dinner' late. We decided to choose a 20 minute drive to Cracker Barrel where we had eaten before on Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, April and her husband, Tim, had eaten there with us a couple of times on Thanksgiving.  I felt badly because I was to take a pecan pie and dinner rolls. However, it was a good thing we didn't, because  their son, Jarod was there with his family and one of the children did get sick. 

When she called us the night before, she  saved us from those germs. Thank you, April, but we are sorry we didn't get to see you all.

It gave Ron and me the chance to practice what we be content no matter the circumstances. (Philippians 4:11)

It was funny that we took these pictures after we ate so that I could do this page for my next book. While Ron was posing here for his photo, a couple walked out and said, something like, "Oh, this is your 115th Cracker Barrel." It was pretty funny.

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