Friday, November 17, 2017

JuJu and the Chicken

Fort Collins is a great place to learn about farms. The kids in that area do not have to grow up ignorant of what happens on farms and why we need them.  They can make friends with the animals while feeding them. Often they can brush them. At other times they ride a horse, or pig, or farm tractor. All this, while enjoying the fresh air and getting a little dirty. They also are able to plant produce and watch them grow.  The farms provide wonderful experiences for the kids and they are able to make new friends through these wholesome activities.

Here, Caleb is introducing his little sister, JuJu to a hen. He has always been good with the chickens. He gave me the first one I had ever held a few years ago. I will never forget how very soft it was. I was very pleasantly surprised. I think Julia liked it as well.

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