Monday, November 6, 2017

Colorful Fall

We were in our car much of the day and we saw the most beautiful color combinations of leaves on plentiful trees most of the day.  They were breathtakingly beautiful. I tried to get pictures, but failed miserably to capture the grandeur. 

Last year was the most beautiful in some time and later than usual. This year the color was late as well. I had almost given up hope of a wonderfully colored autumn. But I just needed to be more patient.   

I just wish I had gotten pictures so that you too could see.  

I'm in a great fall mood, so  I'm posting another great autumn season layout.
This  photo is of our grandsons Caleb and Oliver with Caleb's friend, Brady, who gives me a complex because he is nearly as tall as me and he is only 7, or possibly 8.  The girl, McKelvie is Brady's little sister and Oliver's friend. 

All  of you who love this country need to get out to vote tomorrow. Don't let anything hold you back. Pray and vote.

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