Saturday, November 4, 2017

No Time for Playing Around

These pictures of the boys playing in the falling leaves in October are very timely here in Ohio, where the leaves are falling heavily now. It has been another late fall like last year so far.

Caleb was very serious about jumping in that pile of leaves. I'm not sure why, but he told his little brother, "Oliver, this is no time for playing around."

This reminds me that early this week is a time for being serious. We get to vote on local school issues and two statewide issues that are very important. I had been 'playing around', at least I had been going about my business here at home and not preparing to vote. However, today, I got serious and dug into the issues and candidates histories. Remember, it is not in what they say they will do, but what they have done in the past.

I urge you to study up and vote. These times are too serious to let the opportunity to 'speak your mind' at the ballot box. It is not just the president and congress that are important. All things work together, to bring  about the kind of world we all want for ourselves and  to avoid the pitfalls which throw a country into anarchy and then oblivion.

I'm praying for God  to protect us though the process of bringing morality and safety back to our nation.

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