Monday, October 8, 2018

Bahama Mamas

This is ORU's last group photo.  It was taken September 25 this year. We had a blast that evening at Bahama Breeze. and we joked about being Bahama Mamas. At that time, we were celebrating Becky's birthday.   

I think I've told you that we love to eat, especially together. So when we asked Becky, who is fairly new to ORU, if she wanted to get together for her birthday, she said, "Why don't we wait until we ALL gather next month and we can celebrate then". Someone, either Jane or Sali, tried to get out of her if she didn't have the time or if  she just didn't want to cause us trouble.  We needed to know because like I've said before; we will jump at  any opportunity to eat together. When we clued her in, she gladly helped us make a date. 

Now it is 'next month' and  our three Texas members are traveling to Ohio  to have our first all ten together group meeting in years. We are all super excited and we've been planning minute by minute all our activity the days they will be here. WHAT FUN WE WILL HAVE...and talk about eating! We plan to do that on a grand scale.  And we will celebrate more  birthdays!

Oh and I suppose we will have business to attend to as well. As ORU (Opinions R Us) it is our responsibility to see that the world stays on track...and it has been slipping a bit.

By the way, if you have any questions whatsoever that you would like us to answer, please make  sure  to get them here by Thursday of this week. You have the question. We have the expertise. 

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