Saturday, October 6, 2018

Digital Scrapbook Day

As many of you know this was Digital Scrapbook Day, the perfect day to sit at the computer. One of the pages I did is this one announcing the scrapbookers' holiday. 

Celebrating, I spent the day finishing up another book and getting it fit for publication.  It is now ready. 

This page seemed to me to be the perfect layout for the day and a very good last page for this edition of my books, which depict the lives of my family members across the USA.

If you are confused by the wording here, I would imagine it is because you wouldn't consider your dog as your son or daughter, or your son or daughter's dog as your grandchild.  In this case your grandparent's dog would be your aunt or uncle.  That is okay. I'm sure yours is the most common thought; but in this family...we are all accepted as family members. Yes, we love our animals!

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