Sunday, October 7, 2018

Chef Caleb

Caleb, Oliver and Julia  like the Children's Museum in Denver.

Caleb is especially fond of this section of the museum. Today  they  were preparing a beautiful peach caprese salad. HE enjoyed the prep and the salad so much that he wanted to make it when  they got home.  On the way, they stopped at the grocery. He had made his list and picked up the ingredients. The pictures at the bottom show how well he does in the kitchen. He's a natural chef.

It makes me want  some.  I would call and get his expertise, and try to replicate it, but I can't find decently ripened peaches here in Ohio. Sad, but true. I missed  the season by a  couple of weeks for getting them from local orchards. The ones in the stores don't even taste like peaches after they have been picked way too soon and shipped from who knows where.

Keep up the good work Caleb! It looks  sooooo yummy!

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