Thursday, January 10, 2019

Christmas Eve

Our middle daughterApril  and her husband Tim have lots of places to go at Christmas time with their kids in two different places and us here. But they are faithful to make it here during the Christmas season and we were so grateful to have them share their time with us on Christmas Eve. 

They were especially busy this year since they are moving and trying to find  a house that suits them both. So, I'm praying that they find just the right place soon. 

I'm also praying for all  to come  together long enough to secure our border and help us keep out gangsters with drugs as well as all others who do not want to obey our laws. We didn't know of anyone who didn't want to secure the border 6 years ago, but now some have made and about face and are going in just the opposite direction, refusing to build the wall they all wanted before.

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