Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Taste Treat

While many of us look for scrumptious sounding recipes and search out the best restaurants there is something out of the ordinary about my choices sometimes. Of course this is also one of the reasons  I've lost the battle of weight watching and just watch the ounces add up to overweight numbers.  

 This is what I'm talking about. There is a drive through not far from us called Rallys. It is a chain and their food is CHEAP...but  I like it.  I really do. The hamburgers are good, their french fries are great and oh, that cinnamon apple pie! They also have root beer. Not only do  I like it, but it is REALLY GOOD and did  I say CHEAP?  Oh yes, I've mentioned that already. Listen...It is Cheap. This full filling meal costs  $3.06. Yes, that is three dollars and six cents! How can they do it?  I have no clue. 

No,  I don't own it, I don't have stock in it. I don't know anyone associated with it. I don't know the people working there. They are not paying me.

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