Sunday, January 6, 2019

Merry Christmas '18

This is the picture of us for Christmas this year. I tried  to put two together with our meager  tree, but I haven't had any luck yet. Because of the angle at which the pictures were taken, Ron looks like a giant and I look like a doll (ha ha, not meaning cute) of course, but miniature. Not that we need any more pictures. One is plenty.

We didn't wrap any gifts and therefore we did not open any packages. So poor Maggie didn't get anything. She seemed very happy though to get to spend some time with her big sister April and her husband, Tim. I'll scrapbook some of those pictures later. 

My major gift was the best set of sheets we've even had. They are even better than the ones we got when we were first married. These are not only 100% cotton ( I hadn't seen any for years) they also have features that  I'd not seen, for example the sides top and bottom were all labeled. The elastic is very thick. They are great quality and  I have to thank my friend Phyllis for recommending them.
We have been sleeping quite comfortably on those wonderful. Now  I need to buy some new larger, more plush pillows which will fit those pillow cases better. I have not hit any after Christmas sales yet, but  plan to do that before too long.

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