Monday, January 7, 2019

Nothing Says Christmas Better

Nothing says Christmas to me better than pictures of children with Santa. These cuties are April and Tim's grandchildren.  As a matter of fact,  April is there with them right now.  

Please pray with me that these children are able to grow up in a free country, where God is king, rather than a socialistic society where no one is free and only those at the top have all they need.

If only we had made sure these last few generations had learned unadulterated history. They would not be anxious to take on a form of government that has destroyed country after country.  Socialism has wrecked every country where it has been tried.  And yet, many seemingly educated people are ignorant  of the results of socialism and they would make the same mistakes again. It is really our fault. We let the communist party work here, through first our colleges and then throughout our school systems, to fulfill Krushchev's  promise to bury us.

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