Saturday, June 29, 2019

Al Does It Right

Al takes care of a problem the best way he knows how. He takes matters into his own hands. This happened a couple of weeks ago. I told the story on the layout itself. I'm copying it here, so that if you are on your phone, you won't have trouble reading it.

Our little group is fond of Cracker Barrel. We like to get a round table. There is only one problem with this corner table, on the wall behind Al is a picture of a very homely woman  and she stares 
disapprovingly at us. I mentioned her eyes being on us, so Al did what he could. He covered her face with a napkin. If anyone else saw what he did, they said nothing. Perhaps she bothered them as well.

I don’t think she appreciates this layout either. Look at that
sour expression!

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