Friday, June 28, 2019

Remember This Moment

Can't believe  I haven't posted here since the 24th. There is no excuse for that! I just forget.

Well I didn't forget tonight, even though it has been a rough day here. Ron and I are both very sore, him from working too hard and me because  my physical therapy yesterday tore me up. Oh, it is ok. It was the plan. That is the way they work sometimes. Overwork you one day, let you rest the next day and then you go back to those same exercises.  If  I do as well at the end of this week as I did last, I'll be happy.

Any way, as sore and tired as we were, our basement flooded AGAIN.  Thankfully, prayers of our friends were answered. Ron was able to clean up the water and he even found out  why it has been flooding. His job for tomorrow is to fix that problem.

The picture here is of a better day on Wednesday, when my ORU (Opinions R Us) friends celebrated my birthday. We were 18 days late, but it was just as much fun. We had to delay it until we could get everyone back to Ohio, etc. We went to the Bistro in Green for dinner, then went next door to Handles for ice cream. I don't think any of us, oh maybe one, were counting calories.

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