Monday, June 3, 2019

Dandelion Seeds

I like dandelions, unless they are in my own yard, then  I dig them out, making sure I  get the whole root.  Well at least that is the way it has been until today. Evidently, last year  I was too busy to dig weeds and  today I'm too old. I did dig several, but I have to admit, I  didn't get the whole root on most of them. I see older ladies working in their yards, but I just don't have what it takes anymore. After  working just a couple of hours digging out weeds and planting some flowers, I managed to get into the house and lie down a few minutes before feeding Maggie and then us. Everything hurts...everything.

I'm so glad I had a layout to post.  I do because last night I  spent my time playing words with friends and forgot  to post.

Back to the dandelions, Julia and Oliver  are like every other child I've ever known. They enjoy blowing the seeds all around.  This is picture was taken at Dunn Elementary.  I suppose they were there, either to take or pick up big brother, Caleb.

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