Sunday, August 11, 2013

At My Door

While Maggie is excited to see anyone come to the door, I  am not so much that way.  There are some that I'm not eager to see. I keep getting letters from the government healthcare people wanting to give me a medical exam in my home. Now, I do have a doctor, and I have had regular check-ups, even though my main doctor has been in the hospital. I'm in fairly good health for my age. I have an exam scheduled for this month.   Surely that will suffice. Why in my home? I do not have an exam room...just common everyday stuff here. They would have to tote along all their equipment.  WHY??? Sounds crazy to me.

Oh, but here is one of the persons  I would love to see at my door. I would invite him into my home without batting an eye. He is a Senator of the state of Louisiana... Elbert Guillory.

Check him our here...

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