Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Otterbox Otter

Sometimes we get news that puts us in a least that happens to me. Our nation is falling apart and no one seems willing or powerful enough to pick up the pieces and put us back together again.

Three young boys were arrested for murdering an innocent visitor to this country from Australia.  They did it 'for the fun of it'. Has no one ever told them that is wrong? Has anyone ever told them there are consequences for bad behavior? Has anyone ever talked to them? Does anyone love them enough to know what they are doing? Have they been plugged into the anti American, anti God trash music from the time they were born. Where are their fathers?  Do they care? The more I think about this and other senseless behavior in this world today, I feel increasingly sick to my stomach. I wish I could fix it. I find myself feeling sorry for these unlovable boys, but even more so for the family who lost a son they dearly loved.

I'm so out of sorts today that I've forgotten to tell you about Caleb at his dad's company picnic. Ollie the Otterbox Otter was there to entertain the children. It surely did amuse Caleb.

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