Thursday, August 29, 2013

No. 175

You've heard the old saying...well maybe you have not if you are not as old as the hills...'the shoemaker's wife goes barefoot'.  It also makes sense that the bike maker's son goes  without one. However, John had made sure Caleb has a bicycle...but as of this month, he still does not have the best of all bikes...a Panda bamboo bike. I'm hoping that soon, he will have one of those beauties and that he will continue to race with his peers.

I understand that if it hadn't been for an unfortunate start on the part of some participants, Caleb would have won, or come in second in this last bike race.

As of this minute, our country is suffering because of an unfortunate start with the socialists plot to undermine our democracy. While we were enjoying the fruits of our labors, they were busy infiltrating our teachers colleges with it like it is...communists. We are reaping the consequences of those liberal professors. Teachers in the public schools are now leading our young children down the path of socialism, where they are all taught to think like sheep... all followers. While none are encouraged to think on their own...a talent that made our nation great.

Wherever you are this night, I pray you are in a relationship with Jesus and depend on his love day to day. He will save us from the worst of this mess in which we find ourselves.

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