Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fell in the Lake

I've been hoping that Maggie would have learned a little caution around the water,  but,  I'm not sure she has.  Just a couple of days ago, she was walking along the sea wall and  peering over it into the lake.

Last night, Don came in with a large 'fish' net that we can use to retrieve her if she ends up in the lake again. Yes, she can swim. She is a natural dog paddler, but there is no place where she can actually get out of the least not near by. And since she is not cautious, we certainly may have to use that net some day. Of course, I'm hoping that we don't. It isn't big fun to have to run her to the house for an instant bath. It really isn't that easy. I end up as wet as she.

Thank you again, Don, for saving Maggie's life and for thinking ahead to another time when there may not be anyone around  with arms long enough to retrieve her.

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