Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ORU Friends

In earlier years we would announce a dress code before a get together, so that our pictures would be color coordinated. In recent years, we've failed in that department. This  time was especially bad. Therefore I am now making a pact with myself to remember to talk about what we will wear on further outings.  Why do I care? Well for one thing, I really like to see our pictures look nice in a layout. It is hard enough to choose a color scheme for the page when there is no issue of clashing going on in the picture itself.

We girls have had a pretty rough time getting it all together this summer.  This is the first time in months when we were all together, so we celebrated birthdays...four of them.  We only had two present who did not have a birthday since we last met.

I, the oldest one there, was one whose birthday we celebrated. The others were Jane, Robin and Paulette.

We were lucky to have chosen the Winking Lizard in Peninsula. Generally a very busy place, Monday is one of its slow business days because the scenic railroad train does not run that day. We were able to take all our presents in without stares. We spent all the time we wanted without tying up a table or causing the waitress to be concerned. A person on the wait staff even had time to take our picture.

I've been fairly busy verifying, or at least trying to verify numbers of political emails that pop up in my inbox every day. It is very time consuming, but important. 

I received one today about Jane Fonda and John Kerry that caused me to be cynical.
I remember things that happened back in the anti-war days. I was already much in tune with politics, having had to read so many books in high school history and political science classes. 

I remember all too well the  book 1984, in which news was rewritten constantly. That is so easily done these days. And we can see facts change from day to day. When we are old enough to remember some of these things, I must repeat, it really makes one cynical. By the way, 1984 was my favorite book ever, and so was it Hillary's...but for different reasons, I'm sure. It scared me to death , but it made Hillary want to be one of those in control.

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