Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I've soooo many pictures, and soooo little time.  My brain is slowing  down and my  list of chores is getting longer.  I'm frantically trying to finish the book about our trip to Colorado, while all our grandchildren's recent activities are going undone. They are piling up, up, up.  I love doing this, but I am being weighted down. 

It makes me proud of Caleb to see him emulating his daddy and his PaPa. He's a good boy.

While it is still summer, although most of it is gone already, some students are already going back to school. Why so early and why are we in such a rush to start the new year? Is is because our students are falling behind others throughout the world?  The amount of time they spend in school has nothing to do with it. I can name a few reasons our education is getting poorer. 1. There is no real discipline in class. Kids know they can get away with most anything. 2. Parents generally are not supportive of teachers and school policy. 3 Kids do not have good habits, for example, keeping a decent bedtime. 4. Kids who cannot keep up are shoved ahead, making them unable to catch up to the others. 5. Mixed classes slow down those children who can do well.(By mixed, I mean those who learn quickly and those who don't.)  6. They are teaching our children many things that are not only unnecessary, but many things that are counter productive...just look at the new core curriculum. 7. They are trying to funnel everyone into college, whether they should go or not. 8. They have dumbed down the curriculum so much that students have to take and pay for remedial classes in college. 9. The attention span of students is getting shorter. 10. Too few students have good study skills or care to work hard. 11. Teachers unions forbid firing  poor teachers. Oh my, I could go on and on.  

If you are in a position to put your children in private schools or home school, as a former teacher, I would highly recommend it.

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